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Array with operations 09 - Divisions (Code: PB9)

The products “PitiClic – Do it with your own hands” is made for the active and intelligent children that take advantage of each moment to have fun and learn at the same time.
Product type:
31.94 RON (VAT included)

Product description

A complex product:
-      Painting
-     CD with game for PC: “We solve, we colour, math’s we learn!”

The child can now obtain a beautiful and original painting in just two steps:
1. Solve mathematic operation (in this product, he will solve divisions)
2. Paint the painting using the colours indicated by the results of the mathematic operations (it includes a “colour code”).

And then it’s mandatory to play on the computer with the educational program for coloring. And now we have someone that will verify the results, corrects us if necessary and evaluates us…it’s the COMPUTER! This program, created by the developer of educations apps Infomedia Pro, helps the child learn maths and art at the same time, in a fun and pleasant way. It helps him learn while playing.
This game will help your child develop his logic, speed of thinking and reaction and aesthetic spirit. It’s a wonderdful blend of mathematics with art!
It also includes a brush for painting.

Screenshots from CD:

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Minimum system requirements

PC: Procesor Intel P4/ 1GHz or similar, CD-ROM 40x, mouse, 512 MB RAM, Video 800x600 High Color, Compatible Sound Blaster, Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 8

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Work plans that PitiClic offers to you to use it with your children at home or at kindergarden!

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Colaborare PitiClic si TVR2

Infomedia Pro vă aduce la cunoştinţă lansarea în data de 02 Martie 2014 a concursului educaţional PitiClic în cadrul emisiunii “În curtea bunicilor” difuzată săptămânal duminica de la ora 10:10 la TVR2, într-un nou sezon plin de farmec si de aventuri, cu multe surprize pregătite de către producători.

Alături de Bunica (Alexandrina Halic) şi Bunicul (Cristian Mitescu) – actori minunaţi care ne-au încântat şi ne încântă prin harul lor - PitiClic va modera un concurs educativ numit simplu „Concursul PitiClic”, pentru copii de la 6 la 11 ani.

Concursul se desfăşoară între 2 echipe de câte 3 copii (echipa Bunicului şi echipa Bunicii) şi are trei probe pe care aceştia trebuie să le traverseze cu succes. Cele 3 probe ale concursului sunt diferite de la o ediţie la alta, dar au un singur numitor comun: distracţia. Ele pot fi probe digitale ce vor fi rezolvate pe calculator, tabletă sau cu ajutorul device-ului „Covoraşul PitiClic” sau pot fi probe de manualitate cu utilizarea altor produse educaţionale marca PitiClic.

Acest concurs este o nouă activitate din cele realizate de către Infomedia Pro pentru promovarea metodelor de învăţare moderne bazate pe utilizarea calculatorului şi a device-urilor mobile, pentru integrarea utilizării software-ului educaţional în procesul de învăţare al copiilor cu vârste între 6-11 ani.

Deci fiţi alături de noi, PitiClic vă aşteaptă pe TVR2!

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The theme proposed by us is useful to teachers and students for mathematics in the compulsory school cycle. The issues faced by school teachers/parents are the difficulty with which students read and understand the lessons/examples/synthesis in order to assimilate technical terms. The echoic and iconic memory facilitates the learning of the specific curriculum of linear, spatial and analytical geometry by the students using digital platform designed by us; it facilitates the acquiring of the theoretical elements of applied geometry by encoding-decoding, so that the teacher's role becomes the one of the advisor and not only a person who transmits the information. The utility of the program extends from mainstream schools to special schools.

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